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AB REALITY is an inside look into the world of Music, Acting & the Entertainment "Lifestyle" through my eyes.  
I started shooting footage when I was about 15yrs old while performing my first live show.  I've always had the camera rolling -On Tour, in the Studio, Backstage, Band Practice & making sure to capture all the chaos on the road.. After my move out to LA, I decided to take it to a new level and started filming on set for TV/Film, and uploading my footage to YouTube (which didn't exist when I was 15!) This is where AB REALITY started.  I'm bringing other people's lives into the mix.  My Good Friends, Actors, Photographers, Musicians, Producers & Artists..  All while giving you a glimpse into my world, on my journey.  AB REALITY is Unscripted, Real footage. Thanks for being a part of my passion and making this happen!